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Because nature is important to us, we work together every day to preserve it and at the same time protect it thanks to our Carlas. In this way we make our customers happy and make a contribution to environmental protection.

An idea emerges

Carla Cargo arose from the fact that the solidarity agriculture Gartencoop Freiburg needed a trailer to transport its vegetables by bicycle. The cooperative has been delivering large quantities of vegetables in Freiburg since 2011 and has set itself the goal of making these deliveries emission-free. As inventors, we quickly recognised the great need for an intelligent trailer concept with which large quantities of vegetables can be transported safely and conveniently by bicycle.

From crowdfunding to starting a business

Among friends the idea to develop a load trailer with electrical support and integrated overrun brake was born. Together with the Space Sushi Collective and a crowdfunding, enough money could be collected to finance the first construction of a Carla Cargo. After more than a year of tinkering and a few test drives, several Carlas have been delivering the vegetables for the Freiburg Gardencoop on a regular basis since summer 2014.

Carla Cargo Engeneering GmbH was founded in spring 2018 to accelerate series production and meet the growing demand for Carlas. Carla Cargo distributes its products throughout Europe and cooperates with selected specialist dealers. Today Carlas are used worldwide and transport heavy loads e.g. in Germany, the Netherlands, France, England, Sweden and the USA.

We tackle it!

The bicycle is one of the most efficient, safest and space-saving means of transport in the world. In combination with powerful electric motors, completely new, sustainable concepts for transporting heavy loads in urban areas are emerging. With Carla Cargo, we have created the opportunity to tackle change, bring an intelligent transport option for the city to market and begin to replace outdated combustion engine based technologies. Our vision are cities where Carlas transports heavy loads and where there is more space to live and more space for new ideas.

  • Land: Tyskland
  • Garanti: 2 års garanti på trailern exklusiv vanligt slitage. 1 år Motor, batterier och övriga komponenter för elmotor
  • Produkter: Trailer
  • Grundad: 2014
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