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Munich bike trailers are developed, produced and assembled right here in Munich, hence the name. We work with highly specialised companies for the production of the components of our trailers who use the most advanced production processes. Only a few selected components like the wheel sets are made in Italy.

By producing locally we keep transportation to an absolute mininum. Quality control and production supervision is literally only a bike ride away. We and you don’t have to worry about work safety, fair wages and environmental laws since Germany has some of the strictest on the planet. So we end up with not only what we believe is the best bike trailer in the world but with a product that doesn’t contribute to the problem it’s meant to be solving.

Peter Hornung-Sohner, architect and carpenter


Munich bike trailers came to life because of my work as architect and carpenter. For 15 years I had a small workshop called raw&fine in the heart of Munich planning and realizing hundeds of different projects of custom design furniture. At some point I grew tired of using the delivery truck for every single assignment getting stuck in traffic and spending countless hours in search of parking space. I looked for alternative means of transporting my tools and furniture but found none. All available bike trailers on the market did not satisfy my demands on quality, usability and design. Furthermore I wanted a trailer I also could use off the bike, in the subway, on the tram or on foot.


One lead to another and I began designing my own multi-functional bike trailer. Because of my past work as craftsman I knew dozens of other companies, friends and craftsmen who all contributed with their know-how to building the prototype and finding the right manufacturing process. In 2012 the first prototype was made and it took another five iterations until the final design. In 2013 there were two models available: Hmini and Hmax. Apparently we had hit a nerve: Finally, a beautiful and functional cargo trailer many of our future customers thought (as well as countless bike and design award juries).


Meanwhile our company has grown to offer a broad range of models for every purpose and need. Our team has grown too. Beside myself there’s David (custom service), Johannes (website & translation and newsletter), Maruan Attia (industrial designer) as well as freelancers and partners.