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A bicycle that finally meets the demands of daily life in the city. A bike that is compact, fast and can easily carry heavy loads. A bicycle that replaces the car in small urban space.

In 2015, the brothers Jonas and Sören combined their skills as product designers, industrial mechanics and technicians to realise their idea of an ideal bicycle for the city conceptually, aesthetically and qualitatively at the highest level. The muli-cycles GmbH emerged from this project in 2017.

The project finally started the „crowd“ itself. A successful crowdfunding at the beginning of 2017 confirmed the great demand for the muli concept. The muli was subsequently firmly established on the market and is now considered a pioneer in the compact cargobike segment.


With the concept, the manufacturing and the entire business model of muli-cycles we are committed to the ideal of sustainability. That’s why we deliberately produce our bikes in Germany, without compromise. 100 percent of the production of the muli – from frame manufacture to powder coating and final assembly – takes place in Germany. We also clearly rely on local suppliers. This enables us to guarantee fair working conditions and high environmental, social and quality standards.

In sales, we rely on close cooperation with selected specialist dealers in Germany and other european countries who, with just as much passion and enthusiasm, want to contribute to changing mobility in the cities.


With the muli, we want to provide a tool that opens up new options for action in urban mobility, so that more people become enthusiastic about cycling and push cars further out of the city centres. In doing so, we want to successfully establish our sustainable business model and make a contribution to a sustainable economy that is oriented towards the common good.

  • Land: Tyskland
  • Garanti: 2 års garanti på cykeln exklusiv vanligt slitage. 1 år Motor, batterier och övriga komponenter för elmotor
  • Produkter: 2 hjuling
  • Grundad: 2017
  • Webbsida: https://muli-cycles.de/en/