8 000,00 kr

Upgradera cykeln du redan har och älskar med en lastmodul från AddBike.

Konfiguration & tillbehör


AddBike är en dubbel-lutande hjulstruktur som ersätter framhjulet på din konventionella cykel och omvandlar den till en lastcykel på ett snabbt och enkelt sätt. Inom 5 minuter förvandlar du din cykel till en kompakt lastcykel.

På grundmodulen kan du fästa olika tillbehör som möter specifika olika transportbehov.

AddBike - översikt

AddBike + Carry’Box

The Carry’Box was created to transport your items easier. The box is designed to be fixed on the AddBike with its metal structure and its textile sleeve.

The container allows you to carry a volume up to 110 liters for 35kg. This module is the largest among the 3 AddBike containers. It makes it the ideal solution to carry bulky items or big groceries.

AddBike + Carry’Box Kid/Dog

The Carry’Box Kid is one of the 3 complementary modules of the AddBike. It is dedicated to carry a child on the AddBike (from 2 years old and up to 1,2m / 35kg).

This was created to make the urban daily journeys with your child easier, safe and comfortable.

In association with a traditionnal child seat behind your bike, it’s a nice solution for parents with children who want to keep using their bike for their daily journeys.

AddBike + Carry’Shop

Getting groceries on bike is possible and the Carry’Shop has been created for this use, particularity with this container is its possibility to use with and without the AddBike. You can fix it on the AddBike and also detach it and take it with you while you are getting groceries. You can notice a nice advantage in term of time gain. Indeed, you can take it off of the AddBike in 20 seconds. The fixation is based on an interlocking system between the trolley and an adapted metal structure. Then, the Carry’Shop is simply fixed with velcro tapes on the AddBike back.