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  • Shimano STePS 8000
  • Brose Drive S
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    Configure your own Douze V2. Choose among SRAM X series 1×9, Shimano Alfine 8 or 11, NuVinci N380, Pinion C 1.9 XR or Pinion C 1.12 (12 gear). With or without GATES Carbon belt drive. Douze V2 comes with a lot of cargo solutions and in 3 frame sizes. The Douze V2 can be separated in two parts within a minute.





    Designed by and for parents who want to carry their kids safely and comfortably, the F1 usually combines a TRAVELLER rear frame with a 600 or 800 front frame. It comes with a PACK FAMILY which includes a seat for kids with two 3-point harnesses, the “box”, a flexible waterproof cover and a plastic underside (installed beneath the bottom board).


    The F30e has a high performance pedal engine from the BROSE factory. The F30e’s qualities are instantly recognised; its silence during operation is exemplary.


    The UP range was created for in response to the most demanding users. Whether you use your DOUZE for your for journeys to and from work, or a professional reason, the UP caters to all. The UP10 is the first in this range. A true all-purpose cargo bike, you can use three types of front frame which can be interchanged according to your needs.


    The UP30e has an high performance pedal motor with provenance from the BROSE factory. Its qualities are unanimously recognised and its silence in motion is exemplary.

    Motor och växlar


    The large industrial company Brose has been developing electric motors for bikes for many years. Today it is a major player in this sector and their motor BROSE DRIVE was created out of rigorous development of precision equipment. One of the principal qualities it offers is one of the most advanced couples on the market,  a criterion which is very important for cargo bikes.

    The motor is very quiet, thanks to the carbon drive belt, delivering powerful assistance in proportion to the effort of the cyclist, up to 25 km/h and without resistance. A new firmware was developed especially for the G4 for the use of cargo bikes.

    The compact design of the BROSE motor allows optimal integration on the frame and significant weight gain. The motor is assembled entirely in the BROSE factories in Berlin, proudly stamped MADE IN GERMANY.

    The battery uses the new technology Li-ion Graphene for an increased energy capacity. The G4 is made to house an extra battery allowing it to reach a total capacity of 1270 watts. (2 X 635 Wh). This equipment makes the G4 the cargo-bike the most autonomy on the market.

    The motor

    • Brushless motor 36V
    • Nominal power 250W
    • Maximum torque 90 Nm
    • Sensors : torque, speed
    • Thermal and electrical protection
    • Primary reduction by composite belt
    • Weight : 3.4 kg

    Marquardt Display

    • Compact Display
    • 4 levels of assistance
    • On/Off lights
    • Battery level indicator
    • Joystick control
    • Speed indicator
    • State of charge


    • 36V / 17.5 Ah / 635Wh
    • 18650 Li-ion Graphène cells
    • Protection indicator : IP64
    • Capacity control : 4 LED
    • Locking system : by key
    • RoPD connector (magnetic)
    • 5A charger


    Depending on your needs and the terrain on which you will take your DOUZE, we offer you different methods of transmission. From a simple SRAM derailleur, to the ultimate combination of a PINION ® 12-speed chain and the GATES CARBON DRIVE belt you will find the solution.

    1×9 Speed SRAM Derailleur

    The SRAM X9 9V rear derailleur is a model which offers excellent performance and looks superb. Build on an ultra-light chassis with an aluminium clevis, this 9 speed derailleur uses the famous 1:1 technology which provides simple adjustment and reliability. It also features the Direct Route concept, which assures direct and rapid mechanism activation, for quick and precise gear changes and reduced friction.

    SHIMANO Alfine 8 or 11 speed hubs

    The 8 and 11 speed ALFINE hubs feature a large range of development. Their mechanism is fluid and allows one to shift speeds ‘on the go’. They don’t need a pedal release to shift speeds. You can even change the gears when stopped (easier start) and they come with a poignant ‘rapid-fire shifter’ type handle.

    NUVINCI N380 continuous speed

    The Nuvinci N380 shifter is a revolution. Where most other hubs generally require the rider to reduce the pace of pedalling for a short time to engage the speed, this hub will free you from this inconvenience.

    PINION® C1.9 XR / C1.12

    The Pinion transmissions offer high ranges of use (a ratio of 568% for the C1.9, 600% for the C1.12) in the completely integrated housing. They presents an exceptional transmission.

    The link is not outside the housing but actually inside the transmission chain. The chain will not derail (linear rotation) and maintenance is reduced to a minimum (a lifetime of 10,000km, one time per year). Another advantage is that the shifting of speeds is simplified as there is only one gear shifter to change up to 12 speeds.

    Coupled with a GATES belt, this shifter system is one of the best on the market.

    Tekniska specifikationer


    Rear frame* TRAVELLER / MESSENGER / BIG BOY – Acier CrMo 4130, interior anti-rust treatment
    Front frame* 600 mm / 800 mm – Aluminium 7005 T6
    Colour* Matte back / bright white  – powder coated
    Fork Acier CrMo 4130 – Axe QR 9 mm


    Rear Hub 135 mm – 36H – 10 mm Axle – Black
    Front Hub 100 mm – 36H – Axe QR 9 mm – Black – Dynamo SP -DP8
    Rims 20″+ 26″- 36H – Double walled aluminium – black eyelets
    Brakes* TEKTRO Gemini AV-AR hydraulic – 160 mm Disc
    Mudguard Stainless 60 mm- Powder coated
    Rear Wheel 26′ + Disc brakes
    Steering system 2X2 cables +  KEVLAR Cables
    Steering Column Adjustable without tools- Easy-up (H95-105)
    Headset AV/AR 1″ 1/8 Semi integrated


    Hanger Moustache – 640mm
    Bracket 60mm – D1: 28.6 – D2: 31.8
    Handlebars Ergonomic
    Saddle* Comfort
    Seatpost Adjustable in two parts (H82-110 cm) anti-theft system
    Saddle Pin Fixed
    Pedals City- VP 856
    Fastening axle  AV/AR* 2 anti-theft axles.


    Transmission* SRAM XSerie 9 speed (11-32) exterior derailleur
    Crank First RT1 39d
    Development S1: 2.43 m – S9: 7.08 m
    Bottom bracket  68 mm bottom bracket – 1.37”x24t
    Chaîn TAYA Nove DH 1/2”x3/32”


    Dynamo light B&M Lumotec + TOPLIGHT Small
    Pack B Top and bottom tubes, bottom board, PLASTIC BOWL, SOFT BAG, TOP COVER, Child seat, magnetic 3 point seat-belts.

    Delbar ram


    Every model in the DOUZE range integrates two major innovations in the world of cargo-bikes.

    Rapid separation

    DOUZE Cycles is the only cargo-bike manufacturer to propose such an innovative system.

    Rapid separation allows the front and rear frame to part without difficulty in less than two minutes.

    You then have the possibility to easily take your DOUZE anywhere in the boot of your car or on a bike rack.

    This exclusive functionality, you have the possibility to travel on the train with your DOUZE! You can also park it easily in a small or narrow room with the cargo-bike in two halves.

    The quick separation is the feature that vastly separates our bikes from those with a one-piece frame!

    2*2 Cable Steering

    This exclusive system of cable steering offers exceptional maneouverability!

    The angle of rotation of the fork rotates up to 75º to the right and left. At a low speed, you an maneuver freely and do a u-turn in tight spaces. However, the steering stays tight and strong when the speed accelerates. The symmetry maintains the course in case of intense braking. Compared to a classic steering system, the handling of DOUZE are simple and intuitive.

    Whether you’re using a 400, 600 or 800 frame, you’ll be surprised by the impressive handling even at a full load.



    We have created or selected an ensemble of equipment to respond to a multitude of needs. Each user can configure their DOUZE precisely to optimise their ride and pleasure.

    The SOFT BAG

    The soft bag is a waterproof, lightweight and resistant pannier. Lined on both side to retain its curved shape, it is resistant to weather and protects your children comfortably inside. The bag attaches quickly thanks to the Velcro that is sewn on. Solidly fixed on the BOTTOM AND TOP SIDE TUBES you will never have to re-tighten or adjust it. There is a pocket on the rear section of the bag for you to protect your telephone, papers etc.

    The top cover closes the box entirely, with six adjustable clips fixed on the bottom part of the bike. The straps on the upper part can allow you to strap on an extra bag or box if you need.


    Formed with two parts (the front and rear), the child seat is secured by bolts in the floorboard of the box. The children are strapped in with a three-point harness. The loops are designed to enable quick and easy fastening. Only an adult could open the buckle.

    The foam that constructs the seat is covered by the same fabric as the soft bag, ensuring perfect harmony between the two. By folding the seat under the backrest, you can make use of the total capacity of the box.

    Classic aluminium box

    The ALUBOX aluminium box is simple and resistant. Available for the three lengths of frame, it is the best way to start any activity.

    Alubox 600x400x600 – 140 L
    Alubox 600x600x610 – 156 L
    Alubox 800x600x610 – 216 L

    KEP 600 or 800 Aluminium Box

    The fully welded aluminium KEP box takes the form of the frame for enhanced aesthetics and load optimisation. Thanks to the offset of the opening at the front end, you can use this box with 60 or 90mm brackets to maintain the ‘sport’ position. The large load volumes, 200L for a 600 frame and 250L for an 800 frame, allow you to carry a load which is fully protected from the elements.

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