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    Be the new superhero of urban mobility

    GLEAM team is formed by specialists from various fields, who have set themselves the goal of creating tailor-made, high quality solutions for their customers in the field of urban mobility. If you want to join us in making cities more sustainable, we think you are a new superhero!

    Dynamic Tilting System

    The Dynamic Tilting System is the core technology of all GLEAM bikes. Our unique feature for a better driving experience. Lean freely your bike in corners and bike across cities and countryside as never before.

    Easily conquer all street obstacles and enjoy a safe ride

    Enjoy a comfortable ride with our unique Dynamic Tilting Technology (DTT). Together with the full suspension, the load remains balanced and the driver experiences a dynamic and comfortable ride in the city and rural areas.

    We make sure that if your life changes, GLEAM changes with y ou

    Quickly upgrade your bike with our Fast Lock Extension System (FLEX). The FLEX system on the spacious loading area offers different customization options to make GLEAM a real multi use bike.

    Technical Overview

    We thought about all the details to provide you with a better driving experience in your daily tracks.

    1. Full suspension
      (front & rear) bringing more joy for the driver and more safety for your most precious load
    2. Customizable
      cargo box to your needs
    3. Outstanding components ensuring durability
    4. Latest stage powertrain for the highest possible efficiency
    5. DTT including Tilt -Lock system for easy handling
    6. High quality and resilient motor and battery system
    • Engine: Bosch Performance Line CX
    • Display: Bosch Intuvia
    • Battery: 1x 500 Wh
    • Gears: Enviolo CA incl. Automatic+ Shifting Continuous
    • Dimensions: 2,7×0,8 m
    • Cargo area:
      • Standard Baseplate 0,60×1,20 m
      • Carrier 120kg (>500 Liter)

    For food delivery

    The industry relies on fast delivery to satisfy customers.
    With the GLEAM Cargo eBike and its Dynamic Tilting Technology, the cargo always stays stable when drivers quickly drive through the city and pass uneven grounds.

    # careful cargo transport
    # navigate easily in the city
    # full traffic control with cargo in the back

    For Logistics and Messengers

    Because of expected emission restrictions, many companies need to find a solution to decrease CO2 emissions. By replacing the old diesel van with our Cargo eBike, companies save 1.500 kg CO2 on every 10.000 driven km. At the same time, variable costs are also drastically reduced.

    # zero-emission mobility
    # cost-effective vehicle
    # health benefit

    For Maintenance

    On the way to their customers, many service providers such as maintenance providers suffer from heavily jammed streets and parking troubles. As the GLEAM eBike is narrow and fits on bike lanes, traffic jams can easily be passed and parking is no longer a worry. Plus, lots of time but also money are saved and customers enjoy the punctuality.

    # easy parking
    # no more traffic jams
    # higher efficiency

    Painters, Electricians and more

    It is quite a burden for companies if employees do not have driver’s licenses to visit their customers. Young trainees also very often have no possibility to transport goods for the company or visit customers on their own.

    With the GLEAM Cargo eBike, employers are no longer limited and have the freedom and flexibility to go wherever they need to go.

    # freedom
    # flexibility
    # no driver’s license needed

    For Postal Services

    High downtime of vehicles is one of the greatest challenges postal services face. This is not only costly but also very inefficient.When using the GLEAM Cargo eBikes, our clients downtime is reduced to a minimum.

    The Dynamic Tilting Technology of the GLEAM Bike does not only enhance stability, but it also lowers the pressure on the bike components, so they last longer. In addition, the components used require only little maintenance. Plus, by producing the main parts in Europe, we guarantee a 48h spare part delivery.

    # low-maintenance vehicle downtime
    # low downtime
    # fast spare part delivery

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