HNF Nicolai/Sortimo ProCargo CT1

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    I samarbete med den kända Elcykel-märkesproducenten HNF Nicolai och baserat på modellet CD1 Cargo har Sortimo utvecklat ett unikt koncept för intelligent mobilitet i urbana miljöer. Tack vare den innovativa och patenterade lutningstekniken på ProCargo CT1 kan du förflytta dig snabbt och säkert förbi alla bilköer. ProCargo CT1 kombinerar som alla lastcyklar, ringa driftkostnader med en smal ekologisk fotavtryck. Men fram för allt är det en maskin att spara värdefull tid när du ska från A till B.

    Lastytan är försedd med de beprövade Sortimo ProSafe-lastfästen. Så kan du säkra alla föremål på lastytan. Dessutom kan du enkelt installera Sortimos olika verktyg- och förvaringslådor.

    Den lutande axelmekanism är unik på marknaden. Den tillåter säker lastning och hög stabilitet vid låga hastigheter. Men du kan även avspärra mekanismen utan att gå av cykeln. På så sätt får detta trehjulig lastcykel köregenskaper som är känd och van vid från vanliga cyklar.

    ProCargo CT1 L2

    • Mått: 2.548 x 785 x 1.200 mm
    • Lastyta: 785 x 690 mm
    • Vikt: 44 kg

    ProCargo CT1 L3

    • Mått: 2.786 x 785 x 1.200 mm
    • Lastyta: 785 x  928 mm
    • Vikt 45 kg


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    State-of-the-art engineering

    The conventional chain used in the majority of cargo bikes has been replaced in the ProCargo CT1 with a pioneering Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt drive. The significant benefits for you, as a customer, lie in its considerably longer service life and in its quiet and maintenance-free operation with complete resistance to rust.

    The hydraulic Tektro Auriga Twin disc brake system (Ø 180 mm) features high-performance metal and ceramic brake pads and guarantees maximum control coupled with good heat resistance and good braking power.

    The ProCargo CT1 features a weatherproof and locking front box, in which practical accessories, including helmet, high-visibility jacket, warning light or a second battery, can be stored. Thus you always have everything you need to hand and, thanks to the useful locking function, you can also confidently leave everything in the cargo bike.

    The NuVinci Harmony N380 SE hub gear provides for continuous gear changes. In Automatic mode, the system monitors the pedal revolutions and the speed of the wheel, ensuring that the preferred pedal rate remains constant throughout the entire journey. In Manual mode, the gear ratio can be individually selected using the grip shift.

    The Bosch PowerPack 500 is a lithium ion battery with 500 Wh energy storage. Designed as frame batteries, they can be easily fitted and removed and charged directly on the bike. The range is 40 to 60 km depending on the load and selected motor assistance level and is fully charged in 4.5 hours using the Bosch Standard Charger.

    The Supernova E3 E-Bike V521s headlights with waterproof aluminium casing provide outstanding illumination. The fully CNC-machined casing has a salt water-resistant anodised coating, is 100% water-tighttheft-proof and equipped for the toughest everyday electric bike work. Even the darkest roads are illuminated widely and far ahead – for a pleasant riding experience.

    The loading surface is made of durable ABS plastic and has an aluminium rail on both sides featuring the integrated ProSafe lashing system. It therefore provides for professional load securing using the Sortimo ProSafe system with lashing straps, load safety nets and more.

    The high-grade forged aluminium Satori Compact 2 stem provides for individual handlebar adjustmentand hence different seating positions depending on the height of the rider. By changing the angle of the hard-wearing stem (max. 60° angle), the height of the handlebar can be extended by up to 11.5 cm, ensuring ergonomic riding comfort.

    The concentrated energy of the Performance Line Cruise CX electric motor manufactured by Bosch, the international leading electric bike motor manufacturerpowerfully assists pedalling up to a speed of 25 km/h, enabling sportier riding on flat or steeper terrain. No driving licence, nor permit is needed to take it out on the road.

    Thanks to its patented tilting technology, the ProCargo CT1 provides riding stability unparalleled in this class. Whether you are riding in urban areas, on a cycle path or factory premises, the tilting technology on the ProCargo CT1 provides maximum stability and totally new riding enjoyment, enabling fast cornering, even when loaded.

    The compact Bosch Purion display shows the current speedbattery charge and selected level of assistance. Key riding data, such as total mileage (km), range and distance can be quickly and conveniently called up by the dual assignment of the easy-to-operate plus and minus keys.

    The Abus Shield 5650 frame lock is the basic security mechanism on the ProCargo CT1. The lock, which is fitted as standard, has an 8.5 mm thick locking shackle and provides practical and easy-to-operate protection against unauthorised use. The shackle, enclosure and structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel.


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