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Urban Arrow Cargo

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Passive cooling

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    Green last mile machine

    By combining the load capacity of your van with the agility of an e-bike, we’re creating the ultimate green machine for your last and first miles. Whether you deliver parcels, perishables or furniture, there’s a Cargo bike that will take you smoothly from A to B and beyond.

    Zip through the city

    Don’t want to waste any more time stuck in traffic, or looking for a parking spot? Then this is definitely your ride for inner-city deliveries. The Cargo removes noise and air pollution from the equation and boosts the flexibility of your delivery fleet.

    Our bikes mean business

    With any size of cargo. All the bikes in our Cargo range are equipped with the Bosch Performance or Cargo Line motor, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a suspended front fork to smooth out your ride. You choose the length that suits your business needs. Will it be a Shorty, a Cargo L or a Cargo XL?

    In every nook and cranny

    Because it is a bike the Cargo reaches deep into the capillaries of the city’s infrastructure with ease. With different box setups the Cargo enables you to deliver loads from 250 to 620 liters to your client’s front door, wherever that may be.

    Cargo L

    Cargo L | Bosch Performance | 500Wh | Deore Disc brakes

    This is the most popular Cargo model. A great variety of companies are deploying the Cargo L for their inner-city distribution. It is quick, has a near zero tendency to get stuck in traffic and maintains enough load capacity to haul some serious volume. The Cargo L adds to the dynamism of the city traffic whilst cutting sound and air pollution. Except for the Shorty all Cargo models are equipped with the strong Bosch Performance motor.

    • Bike lane fit
      The Cargo L fits the bike lane perfectly. That means you can easily transport large volumes while maintaining flexibility.
    • Boxes
      For the Cargo L you have five choices: the flatbed, the Toploader, the customizable Flightcase, the aluminum box and the Craft.
    • Performance comes standard
      The strong Bosch Performance motor comes standard on all the Cargo models. As do the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano and the suspended front fork.

    Cargo XL

    Cargo XL | Bosch Performance | 500Wh | Deore Disc brakes

    This is the big brother of the Cargo L. With a front frame over 20 cm longer this bike generously increases the cargo space. The extra length of the Cargo XL platform also makes for a wider range of mountable boxes.

    • Serious Volume
      The Cargo XL loading capacity lies between 300 and 620 liter depending on the type of box you choose.
    • More boxes
      The Cargo XL platform offers space for a wider variety of boxes than the Cargo L. Introducing the Sliderbox, excellently suited for transporting crates of goods and the Coolbox… you guessed it!
    • Inner city parking
      Remember when finding a parking spot used to be a time consuming endeavor…? Well, it’s not anymore.

    The Boxes

    The Cargo L Flatbed

    Your urban mobility starts with the bare bones of your workhorse, the Flatbed. This stripped-down bike can be used as is or you can choose to upgrade it with any of the following boxes.

    The Flightcase L

    The Flightcase frame is crafted from aluminum, the walls are made of Astra Board. This durable synthetic material has a fortifying inner honeycomb structure to safeguard your cargo during transport.

    The Aluminum Box

    The Aluminum box is not only easy on the eyes; it offers an extra security for the user. You can lock your cargo in this box the same way you lock your home’s front door when you leave the house.

    The Flightcase L Split-level

    When transporting delicate goods you can add a split level in the Flightcase. Carry the desired volume and protect the packages on the bottom from being crushed by the weight of the upper ones.

    The Custom Flightcase L

    Apart from the split-level option the Flightcase has multiple possibilities for customization. It can carry dogs or even serve as a soup/coffee dispensary. Urban Arrow also designs special promotional stickers for your business.


    The Cargo is a real eye-catcher and therefore ideal for promoting your business all over town. Any Cargo box can easily be adorned with your logo or advertising message.

    The Open Loader

    Open Loader with Duffle Bag

    The Cargo XL Flatbed

    Your urban mobility starts with the bare bones of your workhorse, the Flatbed. This stripped-down bike can be used as is or you can choose to upgrade it with any of the following boxes.

    The Aluminum Box XL

    The Aluminum Box XL is already futuristic looking on its own, but it is even more so once mounted on the Urban Arrow Cargo XL bike. Like the smaller version the Aluminum Box XL also has a Yale lock which makes parking outside a worry-free affair.

    The Coolbox XL

    The box is made of a 5cm thick foam sandwiched by strong polypropylene boards. This box is a passive cooler, so you need to introduce your own cooling elements.

    The Flightcase XL

    Like its smaller brother the Flightcase XL is constructed from aluminum and Astra Board. The XL version is capable of carrying a significantly larger volume than the Flightcase L. The optional split-level remains available.

    The Open Loader

    Open Loader with Duffle Bag




    Cargo L
    Cargo XL (Deore)
    Cargo XL (Zee Disc)
    Weight bike 50Kg 52Kg
    Outer dimensions L 274cm x W 70cm x H 110cm L 294cm x W 70cm x H 110cm
    Platform size L 74cm x W 60cm L 94cm x W 70cm
    Max total weight 275Kg Bike + Rider + Load
    Frame (rear) UA4.2, aluminium

    Bosch Performance Line Gen 3, 250W

    Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4, 250W

    Battery Bosch 500Wh
    Display Bosch Purion
    Rear hub, internal gear Enviolo Cargo, 36H
    Shifter Enviolo CA – Cargo
    Drive line Chain, KMC e101 /2*1/8 102L
    Rear sprocket Enviolo 17T
    Front sprocket  Lasco 38T, 4 hole, 104BCD
    Chainguard Hebie chainglider front 38T, 350R NV16, 16-22T for Enviolo
    Rear brake Shimano Deore M6000 (caliper); RT-66 203mm (disc); Elvedes metal pads 6894S Shimano Zee M640 (caliper); RT-66 203mm (disc); Metallic pads w coolfin H03C
    Front brake Shimano Deore M6000 (caliper); RT-66 203mm (disc); Elvedes metal pads 6894S Shimano Zee M640 (caliper); RT-66 203mm (disc); Metallic pads w coolfin H03C
    Rear light Spanninga Plateo XE 6V-36V
    Front light Spanninga Axendo 40
    Front fork Spinner 300 suspension fork
    Steering rod UA cargo steering rod
    Stem TranzX JD-ST17-2 black 1-1/8 25,4 110mm
    Handlebar Ergotec Moon cruiser 25,4 black
    Grips Ergon GC10
    Pedals C558
    Seatpost Satori Trident 31,6 400mm black
    Saddle Selle Royal Rio Plus
    Cranks Miranda Delta 0 , ISIS
    Rear rim Ryde Andra 40 Double wall 26″ x 1.75; Sapim spokes (13G)
    Front rim Ryde Andra 40 Double wall 20″ x 1.75; Sapim spokes (14G)
    Front hub Shimano HB-M525A, 36H
    Rear tire Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55-559
    Front tire Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55-406
    Valve Schrader
    Rear fender SKS 65mm 26″ Black matte
    Front fender SKS 65mm 20″ Black matte
    Frame colour Black or White

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