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Carla Cargo trailer

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  • Utan elmotor
  • Elmotor 48V 720Wh
  • Elmotor 48V 1400Wh
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    Cykelsläp för tyngre last som även fungerar som kärra. Tar dig fram i (stor)stadsdjungeln utan begränsningar som skåpbilen har. Kan levereras med elmotor, skåp eller presenning. 150 kg lastkapacitet tack vara påskjutsbroms.

    What do you want to move?

    CARLA is the emission-free alternative to a car and sets new standards for e-mobility. CARLA delights with a great riding pleasure and allows you to transport heavy loads quickly, environmentally friendly and without sitting in traffic.

    CARLA can be combined with any regular bicycle or e-bike. Thanks to an integrated mechanical overrun brake, it is possible to carry heavy loads extremely safely. Additionally, an electric support can make your Carla even more agile and faster.

    Electric motor
    • Bafang hub motor
    • GreenPack rechargeable battery
    • 48 V / 1400 Wh
    • Reference value range 80–100 km

    • innovative mechanical or hydraulic overrun brake

    • 150 kg as load trailer
    • 200 kg as hand trolley

    Loading area
    • large loading area (1650 mm x 650 mm)
    • high loading volume of 1.5 m³
    • optimized for eurocrates (600 x 400 mm)

    Achieve your vision on three wheels!

    CARLA is a resistant bicycle trailer, which can be coupled with any regular bike and can transport easily 150 kg load. CARLA distinguishes itself for the outstanding agility and a very small turning circle. CARLA bicycle trailer is very well in tune with e-bikes for example, with a mid-motor.

    As a hand trolley, CARLA can also be used in pedestrian zones and allows you a very flexible use into buildings. Even in front of elevators it does not stop and manages so very elegant even the last meters of your delivery.


    • Large loading area (1650 mm x 650 mm)
    • High loading weight (150 kg / 1.5 m³)
    • Steel frame
    • Colors: sun yellow and black or custom color
    • Innovative mechanical overrun brake
    • Tires: Schwalbe Big Ben PLUS (20 inch)
    • Approved as bicycle trailer by German StVO
    eCarla 36V

    • Pedelec support up to 25 km/h
    • Hand trolley support up to 6 km/h
    • Bafang hub motor
    • Li-lon battery 36 V / 489 Wh
    • Reference value range 20–40 km
    eCARLA 48V

    • Pedelec support up to 25 km/h
    • Hand trolley support up to 6 km/h
    • Bafang hub motor
    • GreenPack rechargeable battery
    • 48 V / 1400 Wh
    • Reference value range 80–100 km

    One platform, many solutions!

    Our extremely large and very agile CARLA CARGO offers you a lot of space for your ideas (length 1650 mm x width 650 mm). With a CARLA you can realize your special business ideas beautifully, very comfortably and environmentally friendly. The CARLA fits perfectly into the new modern cityscape and is extremely agile, super quiet and flexible in motion. We are happy to develop an individual solution for your special project step by step together with you. Our partners support us so that you can successfully implement your idea 1:1 according to your wishes and receive a unique construction.

    No matter what you want to transport, we offer you the right solution! Now find the right cargo box for your CARLA and get started! It’s time to change the world, what are you waiting for?

    Max Messenger light
    • dimensions 1650 x 665 x 1105 mm
    • 3 layers technology out of canvas, aluminium sheet and polypropylene
    • strong mechanical lock reinforced with aluminium

    Paul Plane
    • internal dimensions 1590 x 650 x 1385 mm
    • loading volume 123 kg
    • waterproof PVC option

    Bob Box
    • internal dimensions 1640 x 647 x 470 mm
    • loading volume 125 kg / 0.5 m³
    • Stackable wooden box

    Max Messenger
    • internal dimensions 1630 x 620 x 900 mm
    • loading volume 110 kg / 1.05 m³
    • lockable waterproof aluminium box

    Billy Bike
    • Dimensions 1600 x 650 x 1700 mm
    • loading volume 4 bikes
    • weight 14.5 kg

    Zack Zarges
    • internal dimensions 1600 x 600 x 520 mm
    • loading volume 130 kg / 0.5 m³
    • lockable waterproof alu box

    Hugo – Hub to go
    • Dimensions closed: 1690 x 710 x 875 mm
    • Special functions (interior fittings, setup’s)
    • Payload: over 100 kg

    Mobile Kitchen
    • modular design
    • maximum counter area of 3,5 m
    • dimensions compact: 1850 x 970 x 1140 mm

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