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Yuba Supercargo

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    High performance front-loader cargo hauler

    Specifically designed for active parents and small businesses alike, the Supercargo fits nearly every rider thanks to a low step-through frame with adjustable stem and seatpost. The extra-low front cargo rack, lightweight frame and double-cable steering give you confidence and control, matter the what you’re hauling home.

    Keeping with our cargo roots, we tacked on a rear rack over the 20-inch rear wheel for extras and one more passenger. We super-charged the Electric Supercargo with a Bosch Cargo Line 250W, 36V Powerpack 500, capable of speeds up to 20 mph. This all adds up to a powerful cargo-hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere.

    Easiest To Load Cargo + Lowest Center Of Gravity

    Our front loader frame design combined with the Open Loader or Bamboo Box makes it the easiest cargo bike to load gear, kids or bulky items. Its two 20” wheels give the bike a low center of gravity – making it easy to handle on the flats, around turns or on the hills.

    BOSCH Cargo Line Cruise Motor + PowerPack 500 Battery

    The BOSCH brand is known for producing high quality products, and they are no stranger to the world of electric bikes. This bike comes equipped with BOSCH’s latest cargo-specific motor, and a battery that can handle up to 60 miles on a single charge. BOSCH’s ebike range assistant can calculate the range for your next ride.

    High Quality Components To Complement Yuba’s Design & Reputation

    The difference is in the details. We partner with brands that are experts in their niche, that make your ride more enjoyable and safe. Examples include ShimanoMaguraSchwalbe, Cane Creek, WTB and many more.

    Yuba History & Strength In Cargo Bicycle Design

    To us, safety, quality and innovation are just as important as every bike that gets shipped out of our warehouse. When you join the Yuba family, you’re joining a brand that has been designing and manufacturing cargo bicycles since 2007, with the mindset of creating products that are sustainable, lower our carbon footprint and play a part in protecting our environment.

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    Vikt 27 kg
    Dimensioner 257 × 76 × 112 cm
    Med / utan elmotor

    Utan elmotor, Bosch CargoLine


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    Hej, på ett ställe i specen står det att man kan få på 3-4 barn. Hur går detta till på cykel.
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    Två barn har plats på bänken i lådan. Tredje barnet kan sitta på en barnstol bak. Pakethållaren/ram har fäste för så kallad Easy fix systemet. Där finns det ett par barnstolar för mindre och större barn.