HP Velotech HP Velotech Gekko
HP Velotech Gekko

The Gekko series: Nimble Touring Trikes from HP Velotechnik     Optional Features for True Individuals Have you got your own notion of your ideal bike technology? Our modular system enables us to build your trike to meet your needs … Continued

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HP Velotech HP Velotech Scorpion
HP Velotech Scorpion

The Perfect Blend of Riding Dynamics, Elegance and Comfort Scorpion series – Comfortably Suspended Recumbent Trikes from HP Velotechnik. The Scorpion Trikes from HP Velotechnik Offer Ultimate Riding Fun and Freedom Within the current Scorpion trike family, you will find your personal favorite … Continued

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Hase Bikes Hase Bikes Kettwiesel
Hase Bikes Kettwiesel

KETTWIESEL ALLROUND     KETTWIESEL CROSS STEPS The recumbent all-terrain trike, the off-road delta, or the daredevil of the HASE BIKES family – this is the CROSS. The KETTWIESEL CROSS.   KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS Techincal specifications

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Hase Bikes Hase Bikes Pino Steps
Hase Bikes Pino Steps

The for-anything-and-anytime bike: tandem, family taxi, or cargo bike Technical specifications Pino Allround Pino Tour Pino Steps Längd 210-237 cm 210-237 cm 210-237 cm Bredd 64 cm 64 cm 64 cm Höjd 104-110 cm beriende sittposition 104-110 cm je nach … Continued

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