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Tillbehör till muli utan el

Uppgradering belysning

Uppgradering belysning

istället för Alfine 8 växel


Summa tillbehör:


    Lastcykel muli (tyska: lilla åsna) är en av de mest kompakta lastcyklar på marknaden med lastutrymme fram (typ long john).

    Med en längd på endast 195 cm är det lika länge som en vanlig cykel. Den 100 liter stora lastkorgen som bär 70 kg kan vikas ihop till en bredd på enbart 28 cm.


    The muli is a new type of bicycle especially fitted to urban use.

    Not only in Germany peoples’ lives increasingly focus on the cities. Urban life in fast, spontaneous and vivid and is confined to a very narrow space.

    The muli is especially designed for this kind of life. It is on the one hand a cargo bike with a lowly positioned cargo basket of 90l capacity, in which you can transport children to the kindergarten, large grocery shopping back home, bbq, charcoal and camping chairs or dog to the park, laundry piles to the laundromat, or huge parcels to the post office.

    On the other hand, with a folded basket it is a super quick and flexible bicycle for daily life. A total length of only 195cm and a width of 28cm enables you to use the entire bicycle infrastructure with your muli. It fits into every bicycle stand and bicycle cellar, you can carry it up the stairs and take it with you on the train, and it even fits onto a car carrier rack without any problems, so that you can take it with you on vacation.

    e-muli Steps

    If you have to cycle through the urban jungle on a daily basis and regularly have to transport dear children, large purchases or other loads – a load bike with electronic support is the right choice for you. With the development of the new e-muli “st”, the proven muli concept has been optimised and combined with state-of-the-art e-bike technology. The now even lighter muli frame will be powered by the integrated Shimano Steps E6100 motor with 504 Wh battery and the new Shimano Nexus Inter-5E hub gears with Shimano Di2. The clean muli design is made even tidier by internally routed shift and brake lines and the new replaceable dropouts give more flexibility in everyday use. The AXA frame lock integrated as standard, the new mudguard spoilers and the practical, integrated storage compartments in the covers of the folding load basket also provide more comfort. With an overall length of only 1.97 m and the foldable load basket, the e-muli “st” is your perfect companion in everyday urban life. With the basket folded up, you can move quickly and flexibly through the city and simply park your muli in the hallway or bicycle cellar. In no time at all, you can open the 100L load basket and take the children to the daycare centre, take the weekly shopping home or roam the city with your four-legged buddy.


    e-muli Steps
    length 195cm
    weight 24 kg 32 kg
    maximum weight limit 170 kg
    cargo basket aluminium perforated plate, foldable
    basket width 28 – 60 cm
    basket weight limit 70 kg
    area 35×50 cm
    basket capacity 100 l
    eurobox support box 40 x 60 cm
    frame + fork CrMo tubular steel frame, powder-coated
    brakes hydraulic disc brakes Shimano, front and rear
    shifting Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal gear hub elektronisk Shimano Nexus 5 Di2
    crank set crank set 50T 44 T rear, 27 T front
    stem aluminium, Crap 2, Ahead 28.6/25.4 mm, ergotec TDS-D479-8FOV/ISO-M
    stem adapter aluminium, up & down 25.4 mm/ 100mm height-adjustable, ergotec Up&Down Turn SR-50N(A)
    pedals polypropylene, 7mm CrMo steel, shaft, 9/16 ball bearings, non-slip sandpaper, StVZO compliant, ergotec
    handlebar MAS steel, riser, ergotec MTB-AL-330BT FOV/ISO-M
    lights front: rechargeable battery USB-device, StVZO compliant / rear: high quality light with batteries, StVZO compliant Busch&Müller IQ-XS
    stands Ursus Jumbo double leg kick stand, maximum capacity 80 kg
    seat posts aluminium, Hook ergotec spring-loaded
    handles PP-fibre/kraton/gel, screw clamping, ergotec ergon GA30 black
    rear wheel 20″ aluminium Big Bull hollow section rim, strengthened spokes, black
    front wheel very robust 16″ wheel rim, 36 holes, black
    wheels Schwalbe Big Apple
    wheel protection front and rear, matt black
    Frame lock AXA frame lock

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    Har du några frågor om denna produkt?

    Peter Beltman

    Hej, ytterliga en fråga. Om jag skulle köpa en Muli utan elmoter, kan man då senare, om man vill, bygga om/till elmotorn?


    Ja, det går att uppgradera cykeln i efterhand. T.ex. med systemet från Pendix som går att få som kit.


    Hi! I live in Gothenburg and I ride daily on a 11+% incline. Can the drivetrain handle that in the long run? Thanks a lot!


    Yes, no problem. You may need little more maintenance. Since all ebikes strech the chain. But 11% all better ebikes/cargo bikes with Shimano motor can do.